LuxRiot Digital Video Recorder 1.6.6

LuxRiot Digital Video Recorder 1.6.6

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Luxriot is a Digital Video Recording (DVR) and remote surveillance software package for Windows. LuxRiot accepts video streams from Network (IP) cameras from all major manufacturers including Axis, Mobotix, Pixord, SONY, JVC, Panasonic, IQinVision, Toshiba, Vivotek, D-Link, ComArt HiCap and XeCap series frame grabbers for analog CCTV cameras and any Direct Show compatible devices including Webcams and USB cameras. This along with the LuxRiot client-server architecture allows to build heterogeneous scalable solutions sizing from a single camera to the thousands of cameras.
LuxRiot offers principally new concept for DVR solutions – “One Software/Choice of Hardware”. LuxRiot DVR software can be either integrated with supported hardware or acquired from a LuxRiot reseller as a part of a complete digital video recording and remote surveillance solution.


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